Blog With Me!

Here we are ready to blog!  Are you excited?  I am excited to hear from you!

  1. Tell me about your favorite book this year.
  2. What is your favorite thing to do in Reading class with me?
  3. Tell me what you wish we could do more of if we had time.

I will read your blog and write back!  Make sure to write in complete sentences  Your blog entry should be at least three sentences.  Let’s blog!

**HINT** Check through this list BEFORE you submit!

1.  Punctuation – Check for capital letters and correct end marks for all sentences.
2.  Don’t shout!  -Don’t write with all capital letters.  In   cyber world that means you are shouting.
3.  Complete Sentences – Make sure to write in complete sentences.
4.  Rough Draft – Write a rough draft on paper or in your reading journal.
5.  Stay on Topic – Make sure you are writing to answer the question  or fill someone’s bucket.  This isn’t a place to just chitchat.