Fill the Bucket!

Okay, it is back by popular demand! ย Here is the page where you can write kind words and thoughts about other students or teachers. ย Please make sure you have at least three complete sentences. ย Tell about all the wonderful things you see happening in our classroom and around our school. ย Remember to be a bucket filler!


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177 thoughts on “Fill the Bucket!

  1. dear miss nelsen i like your hiar it is so cute you are pretty you rember that drawing i was talking about it is a superis ๐Ÿ™‚ i will show you at the end of the day for now let’s chat in here

    xoxo Zakiah

    • Thank you Kiah, for saying such nice things to me. These messages have definitely filled my bucket today. I can’t wait to see your superhero picture!
      Love, Mrs. Nelson

  2. dear mrs nelson hi how are you hope you are doing good if you are i am happy to haer that i know it is hard bing a teather alone but i am here for you so if you forget me i can draw so you can rember me love you

    xoxo Zakiah

  3. Hi miss Nelson it is almost end of the year I hope you get a good class next year. I hope and when you’re teaching what is your favorite thing about it? And have a fabulous day.

  4. Dear mrs. nelson, I am so excited for the end of the year.But I am kinda sad because i wont get to see you again. But now that we have this i can talk to you when ever i want.

  5. Dear Mrs. Nelson, I can’t wait for the end of this year but, i’m going to miss being in a class with you.
    You were probaly the best teacher that I had so far this year! I’m going to miss you, – Love Layla ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hey mrs nelson you are the best i wish you were in every class that we are in and have a merry christmas! and a happy new year! Hope you this before christmas break

    love your student brooklyn

  7. you are the best teacher ever ms.nelson. i don`t know what I would do without you. you help so many people and help them succseed in some very hard things. you are AMAZING.

    • Kherington your comment made my day! I was sick at home when I read it and it made me so happy! I am glad you think I am helping with some hard things. That is my job! I am so glad you are in my class because I think you are AMAZING too!
      Mrs. Nelson

  8. Hey mrs nelson you are kind sweet caring and you make me want to read which i love now !! Can me, laynie, kherington and gracie sing the star spanngle banner on the inercom love brooklyn

    • Dear Brooklyn,
      Thank you for saying such kind words to me! I am so happy that you want to read now because that is my favorite thing to do when I am teaching! I will definitely put you guys down to sing The Star Spangled Banner on the announcements. I can’t wait to hear it!
      Mrs. Nelson

  9. Dear Mrs.Nelson You’re the best Mrs.Nelson for 3rd grade i thought i would have 1 teacher but you’re my favorite out of all of my teacher so far 3rd grade is great!

    • Dear Anslee,
      Thank you for saying that! I am glad you are happy with your three teachers and third grade this year. I know it can be hard to get used to switching classes. You are doing great!
      Mrs. Nelson

      • Yeah 3rd grade might be a little hard than primary but my grades are grate! (i might still blog at my house with my dad’s ipad)

  10. Mrs.Nelson is the best teacher in the world no one can disagree! I lovee more free time and i can’t wait to start book clubs and Novel studys :3

  11. Mrs.Nelson you are the best teacher that anyone can have i love how you read out loud to us can we have more group time i wish that i can spend all the time with you i love you as my teacher from:Makayla to: Mrs.Nelson

    • Dear Makayla,
      Your comment made me so happy! I am so grateful that I get to teach you every single day. I am glad you like it when I read out loud because it is one of my very favorite things to do. I love you too!
      Mrs. Nelson

  12. I know that this does not have to do anything with music or anything i just wanted to say thank for everything up to 6th grade so far.I really appreciate it what you did for our class to 2017-2018. I just wanted to say thank you for teaching me and the class was fun

    Note:i could not find any other to contact you

    • Hi Eran! I’m glad to see your message here and I thank you for your kind words. I hope 6th grade is going well for you and that you are ready to head off for seventh grade soon. I will be leaving Tussahaw this year and moving to a school in another county. You are welcome to continue messaging me here on this blog. Although, it may take me a while to see your message and answer.

  13. I think we did a good job at the Black History program.

    I think we did awesome at the black history program . Also the people that speaked did a awesome job. Loved the songs .

    • I am so glad you thought it was great. I did too! Which old spiritual has you pumped? ๐Ÿ™‚ (also, you are adding these comments to the wrong spot. I don’t mind it because it fits in with our Fill the Bucket stuff but if you want everyone else to read it go ahead and add it to the What Do You Think blog.)

  14. dear mrs.nelson i really like the video i was there when i was on stage i got really tired of standing up put i had to work with it put it was pretty fun.

  15. we should do a thing were you have one peorson out side the curcle with a noise maker thing. And every time they get out they ring the thing and that kid will have to grab one then the last one wins.

    • What do you mean by do an apple? How does it relate to music? If it is a game or an activity I’d love to hear about it.

      Mrs. Nelson

    • That is a good idea! How do you think we can do that and make it work in our classroom of 32 fourth graders? I would love to but I can’t figure out how to do it without my head exploding from the noise. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Mrs. Nelson

    • Sidney,

      I would like to do the drums more too but they are tough to pull out and put back up. Did you use the drums for your candy compositions a couple of weeks ago? I’ll think about adding another drumming day in before Christmas break. Are you thinking more of individual drum activities or something like our drum circle?

      Mrs. Nelson

      p.s. You posted this on the Fill the Bucket page instead of Music page. Try to repost on the Music Mania spot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. hi ms nelson you are the best music teacher ever can you keep up the good work ๐Ÿ˜€ and the next time we come can we do this again and you are fun too, we are going to have fun with you all this year but if someone is say something mean to you just egnore them and if someone is making your day sad or mad just text me and i will make you happy/brighting your day up like i do to my friend and i can make you laugh just like i make my friends laugh ๐Ÿ˜€ always have a smile on your face no madder what

    • Your comment has made my day better already! Calik, you are someone who makes other people have better days. I am glad I get to be your teacher!

      Mrs. Nelson

      • No Thank you for helping me out with this website and i know people are making the day worst but its ok the day is still bright so there is no time to be mad sad there is always a time to smile and never ever have a froun on your face ๐Ÿ˜€

      • i allways wanted a music teacher like you and there is nobody like you in the world so you can do what ever you want to do becuase nobody will try to act like you or try to be you ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Dear, Apryl and Amaiya
    Thx so much for the blog i love it. You guy are the bet friend i ever have. Thank for being such a awsome friend.You too you the best thank guy. I wish you can come to my birthday party.

    • Thank you Amaiya! I am feeling better everyday except that I miss you guys! See you soon!

      Love, Mrs. Nelson

  18. Dear Monica,
    You have been so nice to me and you show me how to be a friend.
    If it wasn’t for you I would not be a friend. Thank you.

  19. Dear,ari .You are nice and kind.I like to play tag.What do you thing about this place, I like it a little bit it is not bad.Do you?I am your best friend and funny.

  20. Dear. Amaiya I am your BFF. You all ways play with me outside.You are so nice to me.You make me launh. My birthday is so can you come to my birthday.

  21. I can’t wait to see you at Open House. I’m glad that you were our 3rd grade teacher. I miss you so much. I had the best class of my life. I met new people like Braylon, Canayla, and Alicia. I want to ask how Whiskers is doing I have toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. I will see you on the 28th of July. Have fun! P.S Tell Whiskers I miss him,too.

    • Hey Mason! I can’t wait to see you too and hear about your summer! I told Mr. Whiskers and he seemed very pleased as well. See you Thursday!
      Mrs. Nelson

  22. Hi mrs. nelson this is desiyah. I haven’t talked to you in forever and I wish you can be a 4th Grade teacher. It would be fun to be your student again. Anywasys, I hope you enjoy your summer and I will see you when I’m in 4th Grade. Also, I will go to your class in the morning sometime. We had some fun times together and I hope you will have good students and I hope they have fun, I sure did.

    • Hi Desiyah!
      It is so good to hear from you! I miss you too and I am glad you came on her to send me a message. Even though I can’t be your teacher again I think your new fourth grade teacher is going to be awesome and you are going to have a fantastic year. I agree that we had some fun times and I am excited to see you on Thursday night at open house.
      Mrs. Nelson

  23. I do not know what to call are group yet but I will try to get a name for are team. Just hold on and when I get the name I will let you know. How can we go to your house Mattew we do not even know where you live unless you give us your phone number.

  24. Dear Mason, I’m glad that we are still friend after all that nonsense. Sometimes when we fight I’m worried that we will stop being friends. Aren’t you glad we’re still friends. I hope it last a long time. I’m not kidding at all.

  25. Dear Isaiah, I think that you, mason, alicia, and aidan are the best friends I have ever made. So I think are friendship could be even stronger. What I’m trying to say is that we can make an even better friendship than ever. So what about, do you want to make the best group?

  26. Dear Kasim your are very kind and nice ever since your came to our school I all wanted to be your friend. And your are a true friend and but I wish you our and 2nd grade with us it Ben so much fun. I am glad you came to our school.

    • I had to agree with Isaiah. First I don’t know where you live. Second my mom is supposed to know your mother. Not like everything about your mother but like what her name is. One more thing why would you ask me to go to your house when I don’t know your address. So I can’t go to your house because I don’t know where you live.

  27. Dear Isaiah, I’m glad that we are friends and I hope we can become even better friends. Mason, you, and me sound like a good trio. That is what I think. so lets be the best of friends. How about it.

  28. Dear Mrs.Nelson,
    thank you for the stations. I bet most teachers don’t do stations that’s why you are the best teacher in Hickory Flat Charter Elementary (that’s my opinion). I have to say that 8/12 stations is awesome. Playing the uke is fun. I like you better than the sub teachers. I like how you give us chances to act straight.

    • Dear Braylon,
      Wow! Your kind, bucket-filling comment just made my whole day! I am so glad you enjoy the stations and I think you are an awesome ukulele player already! Thanks for being such a thoughtful student!
      Mrs. Nelson

  29. Ever since I went to second grade my life has been perfect. We had fun and we learned a lot, but I , I had good times here and I hope that this never end when I’m in class. Ms nelson, I really like this class a lot.

  30. Ms nelson you are the best teacher I ever had in my hole life in thank you for all of your sweet words at the meeting with my mom in you are very nice in kind teacher that I ever had my hole life in school of hickory flat in very helpful.

    • Dear Jordan B,
      Thank you so much for your sweet words! You have made my day! You are a great student and I was happy to tell your mom all the great things I see from you each day.
      Mrs. Nelson

  31. thank you for the nice coment you are my best frind to. you help when i am down you aer cool to i am glad you are in my class. you are funny to and some time sill you are the coolest peson i now.

  32. Dear Tyshawn thak you and I am your bestfriend to. Youare so funny and a good friend.You are the best whenI am not felling good.

    • I am so happy you are able and willing to take Mr. Whiskers next week! He is yours to keep! I’ll send your mom a dojo message to let her know too. Thanks for taking care of him. I know he’s going to love it!

  33. My best friends are Mason and Isaiah. I hope that we can be friends for a long time. Hi mason, want to meet me at my house on saturday. What about you Isaiah.

  34. My best frind is braylon he is funny. he is cool and asomwe he is smart. he should be caching up to mason in frist in math. that’s how smart he is.

  35. dear Chandler you are nice, funny, in you will keep a seceted in you are turst you in i was your friend for a log time in he gave me his phone number on friday in is comeing to my house on my birthday party in chandler in me are going to my middle school in we are good friend,s in we are live near in some times i might go to his house.

  36. Mrs. Nelson class is fun. it is great in Mrs. Nelson is funny there are fun things she can make. I have good class mats in the class. she will make you happy and a litter sill.

    • Thank you for saying these kind words Tyshawn! You have truly made my day! I think you are pretty awesome too!
      Mrs. Nelson

  37. Dear Chandler you are the best friend I ever had you make me so happy you make me laugh you are you are my favorite you are the best we are a great team you are sweet your great friend

  38. Dear Ms.Nelson you are the the best teacher ever you are nice and you are funny I am glad I am in your class you are awesome cool

    • Thank you for your sweet words Jordanne! You definitely filled my bucket today and made me smile! I think you are awesome and cool too!
      Mrs. Nelson

  39. Dear Mrs. Nelson you are the best teacher in the world. You are nice and funny. I’m so glad that i am in your class. I hope you have great students this year.

    • Thank you for writing such sweet things about me Bella. You filled my bucket today. I’m glad you are in my class this year too!
      Mrs. Nelson

  40. Dear, Bella You are so nice to me .I am glad that I have friend like you .You all ways has by back that’s one ting that I like about you .You are funny and cool . When I am so you make me happy .Bella how many cats do you have now ?I love your shirts and pants always. your BFF Sevai

  41. Dear Ms.Nelson you are the best you are funny. You make things fun when they are not fun.What is your favorite food. Mine is pizza. You are cool.

    • Dear Cambrien,
      Thank you for your sweet comments! You made my day! Saying what my favorite food is can be difficult because I like a lot of different foods. I guess I would have to say that potato chips and ice cream are in my top favorites by pizza is in the top five too. By the way, thank you for the Cheetos, chocolate and beautiful flowers you gave me for Valentine’s Day. I have enjoyed them all!

  42. Dear Mrs.Nelson,
    You are very smart because if I didn`t have you I would not be smart.I am so glad your my teacher this year and I hope you will be my teacher next year.

    Your Student,

    • Thank you so much for your sweet blog Desiyah! I am so glad you are my student! You are going to be smart no matter who is your teacher because you are a hard worker!
      Mrs. Nelson

      • Thanks Mrs. Nelson and I think that you are a smart capable woman. I am going to miss you and I think averyanna is in my class but, I will miss being in your class

  43. Dear Mikayla,
    Even though we have are issues I will always have your back.You are also pretty and smart and you have a lot of confident. Keep up the good work.


  44. Dear Bella,
    Your a nice friend. You also have a nice personality and you are smart even if you say your not.P.S don`t ever give up.

    Your BFF,

  45. Dear Alicia,
    I am so glad that you are in my class. I know that you haven’t been here that long but you will get use to it and we will do lots of fun stuff this year. Also you are so nice to me and I feel like we will be friends for the whole school year and maybe if you are in my class next year we will still be friends.


  46. Dear Cambrien,
    You are nice.You always cheer me up when I am sad.You are also so funny thank you for the things that you do for me. I hope you will still be in my class and it is very cool that you are in my class this year and you were in my class last year. I just notice that I known you since kindergarden through 3rd grade. How cool is that? Anyways I hope that we will still be friends next year.


  47. Thank you cambrien for being my friend sesene seacond grade. I like when you make me laf at luch today. You make me smile every day.

  48. Dear Angel you are the best friend ever.You love to play with me and you are really funny.Sometimes you can be mean but you are still my best friend.

  49. Dear Maya you are funny.I like how you will make the dnoise.Youare a good friend to me you make me giggle.It is fun being your friend.Love camnbrien

  50. Dear Braylon you are cool.Braylon you are funny and you are a good friend.I am happy that you came here i am so happy.I hope that you stay here for a long time and i hope that we can always be best friends. Braylon you are good at around the wolrd
    some times i can beat you and some times i cant i like it when you do beat me cause some times it can be funny.I like how you sometimes will let me go frist when play qusten cards it is cool that you do that cause some plople dnot do that thanks Braylon

    • Dear,Cambrien
      Thanks for this blog I really enjoyed it I think you are cool. I like how sometimes you can get serious and you can also be funny. I still remember the time you and I met and that was at baby school and then we just split apart and I made other friends and you were my best friend and first friend in my life. I just mist you for 3 years and then we were here in Hickory Flat Elementary at the same school and the same class. Now we got to see each other and talk to each other.
      Your friend,

      • Dear I am glad that you liked that blog.I justbeen wanting to see you sence we got slit up.We were young to get slit up but we are together now so thats what matters we are best friends for ever now.

  51. Dear,Bella You are nice to me and you also have my back. Bella you are petty and kind. You are the most funny and cool. You are the best friend. love sevai

  52. Dear Averyanna, You alway make me feel happy when I’m sad.You fill my buket alot.I love that you always like to play outside with me.

    • Thank you Monique for the blog. You make my heart shine and happy. Maybe I can come to your house sometimes but you come get me from my house. I am glad that you are in my neiborhood cause I only have to play with my brother. I also glad that you are my friend. Maybe today you can ask my mom to come to my house and if she say yes we can wacth a movie.

  53. what i like about school is that we do fun stuff like doing literacy stations and math stations to but what i like most is playing with my friends when we go out side with them and i like to play with them and thay are my best friends

  54. tyshawn I think you are cool and nice cause when I look for something to and I as to play with you say yes all the time.

  55. Dear Maya,
    You are so nice.You always stand up for me when nobody else has.I like your styles and also you have great taste of clothes.I hope that we could still be friends and still be classmates in 4th grade.


    • Dear Desiyah,
      Thank you for saying I have style I get it from my big sister Kesha that I am mostly talking about a lot in class. She has style and she just had a baby her name is Briel and she look a lot like her Mom.I bet Briel is going to have style like her Mom. Also don’t count me out and I will also have Briel’s back like I had yours.Thank you for the comment Desiyah I also like your style to you have it going girl!

  56. Jaylee is a good friend. She helps me up and she helps me with my work. She is always on green. I love playing with her on the play ground.

    • Thank you for all ways filling my bucket.You are a good friend beacause I can trust you.You are the best friend I ever Jaylee

    • Thanks. Thanks. Well I can get serious sometimes cause 1st of all I try not to get people in trouble. 2nd of all i do so people can stop getting on my nerves but I also forgive people but i say it in a mean way and I am sorry for that. I like your comment thou Mason.

    • My favorite color is yellow and I like to do lots of different things for fun. I like to read and sing and be in musicals. I have two kids, Jake and Jessica who are both teenagers. They go to Ola. My son plays football and my daughter plays the violin. I love to spend time with them and we like to play games together. My husband is also a teacher at Ola High School. We are glad to have you as a part of our classroom! Welcome to our newest Nelson Superhero!

  57. Desiyah
    Thank you for always having my back when I needed something. l also want to thank you for coming to help me when no one else could. Thank you very much for all you have done for me.

    • I think you’re pretty awesome too, Tyshawn! Thank you for the sweet bucket filling comment!

      Love, Mrs. Nelson

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